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Starter Spring
Stens 155244



Brand Stens
Part Number 155244
Condition New

Fits These Models

ECHO GT200, GT2000/SB, GT2000R, GT200R, GT201/R, GT201R, GT2400, GT251, GT251/E, SRM210, SRM210/SB, SRM2100/SB, SRM210SB, SRM210U, SRM211/SB, SRM2110, SRM211U, SRM2400/SB, SRM2410, SRM251, SRM251/E, SRM265, SRM265S, SRM265T, SRM265U, PAS2000, PAS2100, PAS211, PAS2400, PAS265, PE200, PE200/201, PE2000, PE201, PE230/231,PE2400, PE265, PE265S, PB1000, PB200, PB200/201, PB201, PB230LN, PB231LN, PB2400, PB24LN, PB251, PB255, PB260L, PB261L, PB265L, ES1000, ES2000, ES210, ES210/211, ES2100, ES211, ES230, ES230/231, ES231, ES2400, ES255, HC150, HC150/151, HC1500, HC151, HC160, HC160/161, HC1600, HC161, HC165, HC180, HC180/181, HC185, HC200, HC200/201, HC2000, HC201, HC225, HC235, HC2400/2410, HC245, HCA2400, HCA265, HCR150, HCR150/151, HCR1500, HCR151, SHC1700, SHC210, SHC210/211, SHC2100, SHC211, SHC212, SHC2400, SHC265, PPF210, PPF210/211, PPF2100, PPF211, PPF2110, PPFD2400, PPSR2122, PPSR2433, PPT2100, PPT265, PPT265S, SRS2100, SRS2400, ED200, ED2000, EDR210, EDR2100, EDR2400, TC210, TC2100, SHR210, SHR2100 and WP1000

Replaces These Parts

ECHO 17722042030

Genuine OEM Parts

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Echo 17722042030