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We call it the "RIP" for short -- here you'll find repair information and how-to's to help you start maintaining and repairing your own equipment and lawn. Featuring service and lawncare tips from the pros.

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Chainsaw Safety Chainsaw Safety

As the air gets brisk and the leaves begin to change so do our outdoor chores. Now that its tree trimming and grooming season, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of working with a chain saw or pole pruner and to know the safety tips a techniques recommended by the professionals. …read more.

What causes a crank shaft to bend? What causes a crank shaft to bend?

We’ve all been there once before, its mid-summer and you’re out in the lawn mowing when…BAM! That sneaky tree stump, rock, or some other hidden object stops your mower dead in its tracks. …read more.

How To Troubleshoot Your Small Engine How To Troubleshoot Your Small Engine

Every repair project should begin with a troubleshooting phase. This is the phase of your repair project where you’ll identify the source of a problem, starting with the most obvious solutions and working towards complex solutions for less obvious problems. …read more.

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