Quartz Halogen Minilight Bar
Buyers B745283AA

Factory Backorder

This product is currently on factory backorder with the manufacturer and is not currently available for shipment. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at orders@rcpw.com to find out when this part may become available again.


Brand Buyers
Part Number B745283AA
Condition New
Amperage 8.3 amps
Approximate Height 5"
Approximate Length 15"
Approximate Width 9"
Type DC
Voltage 12V
  • Ideal for snowplow applications
  • Light output is provided by 55-watt quartz halogen bulbs
  • Features include flush, low profile aluminum bottom and polycarbonate dome
  • Comes with 2 rotating reflectors which have center-mounted mirrors
  • The light bar also features an innovative, modular design which allows for easy bulb and lens replacement.
  • 320 FPM