Karrier Omega 2070 Salt Spreader Controller
Karrier 2070



The Omega 2070 is a real work horse and is designed to deliver "Hard Start" current to get your two stage salt spreader started even if you're running bulk salt, salt/sand mix or straight dry sand. Maximum nominal operating current to the spinner is 25 amps and 45 amps to the material feed motor and is fully protected by "Guardian" current management system to give your salt spreader the "Power to Perform" without ever overloading your system or burning out the controller. If the materieal feed auger jams the Omega 2070's "Auto-Clear" feature goes into action to help clear the jam.

The Omega 2070 comes with input/output connectors to mate with the "Rhino" 2070-06 harness, SnowEx 1875 Sand-Pro, Vee-Pro and V-Maxx. This controller will also drive the Salt Dogg two stage, poly hopper salt spreader. A connector pigtail is available to make connection to your OEM harness plug-n-play.

Brand Karrier
Part Number 2070
Condition New

Fits These Models

SAND PRO 1575/1875
SNOWEX 875, Vee-Pro 3000, Vee-Pro 6000, Vee-Pro 8000