Make a repair that sticks! Find great deals on adhesives and epoxies used to seal or hold a wide range of repair types. It doesn't matter if you're trying to seal a couple parts, mount parts together or secure a threaded bolt we have an adhesive or epoxy that will suite your needs.

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Size3 oz. plastic tube
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SizeTwo 1 oz. tubes
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Size6 ml tube
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Silicone Adhesives

We carry a great Stens clear silicone sealant that seals, bonds, waterproofs and insulates. This sealant can withstand temperatures from -70 F - 500 F and remain flexible and durable. It's great for sealing windshields and windows.

Epoxy Steel

The Stens epoxy steel that we carry is a strong and durable quick set steel compound that sets within 3-5 mins. This durable epoxy is high temperature and pressure resistant to last through the most rigorous of applications. It is a suitable alternative to welding that works on brass, aluminum, bronze, castings, copper & steel surfaces. Once set and dried this epoxy can be drilled, filled, machined and tapped.

Thread Lock

Our Stens medium strength thread lock is a perfect for keeping threaded bolts firmly in place on any application. It prevents threaded fasteners, nuts, bolts and screws from loosening over time and withstands vibrations. This is great for engine applications. This medium strength thread lock isn't a permanent adhesive, anything treated with this can still be removed with hand tools.