Air filters are your engines primary line of defense to prevent dust and debris from entering the engine. If dust or other debris works its way into an engine it contaminates the oil and begins to cause abrasive damage inside of the engine. Making sure this filter is able to provide maximum air flow to your engine is important since this air is used to cool it. If this filter is clogged with dirt and debris, air flow will be restricted causing the engine to work harder and operate hotter than it was designed to. This can lead to possible engine damage and a shorter lifespan.

We carry a wide range of aftermarket Stens air filters to provide OEM quality replacements at discounted prices for many applications. We carry replacement filters for all major outdoor power equipment and small engine manufacturers. Choose a type of air filter below to find the replacement you need.

Not sure which type is right for your engine? Give us a call or send a message, our skilled sales staff has the years of experience needed to help you find the air filter you need fast!