Your engines crankshaft moves your engines pistons up and down while it rotates. If something occurs that forces this shaft to abruptly stop rotating, the momentum from the engine has to go somewhere. It's this momentum that causes the crank shaft to bend. You can see if the shaft is bent by manually rotating the crank shaft and watching the mounting bolt. If the crankshaft mounting bolt is wobbling in a circular motion instead of rotating in place, your crankshaft is bent and needs to be replaced.

The most common crankshaft issue we run into at our shop is caused by a lack of oil in the engine. When an engine is ran without oil the connecting rod can become seized to the crankshaft. When this happens the surface of the crankshaft is destroyed and both the seized components and crankshaft will need to be replaced.

Replacing a bent or seized crankshaft? Browse our full selection of replacement shafts below to find yours. Not sure if you see the replacement you need? Give us a call with your engines model type and spec numbers and our experienced sales staff will help you find the replacement crankshaft you need for your equipment fast!

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STIHL 4223 030 0400, 42230300400

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