EGO Nexus Escape 150W Power Inverter  PAD1500

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The NEW EGO POWER+ 150 Watt Power Inverter allows you to take your EGO battery and convert it to 120V AC (powering devices up to 150 watts) or charge USB devices with ease. Now when the power goes out or you need a portable power source for your camping trip, grab your charged EGO battery and slide it onto the Nexus Escape power inverter.

Part NumberPAD1500
2.5 Ah BatteryCell Phone: 11-13 Charge Cycles
Laptop: 2-3 Charge Cycles
TV: 5 hours
5.0 Ah BatteryCell Phone: 23-27 Charge Cycles
Laptop: 4-5 Charge Cycles
TV: 10 hours
7.5 Ah BatteryCell Phone: 36-40 Charge Cycles
Laptop: 7-8 Charge Cycles
TV: 15 hours
  • Compatible with all EGO Power+ 56V batteries
  • Adds a 120V power outlet and two USB power ports to your EGO battery
  • EGO battery sold separately
  • 5 year limited warranty

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EGO All EGO 56V Power+ Lithium-Ion Batteries