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Kawasaki KMS27A Multi-Task Power Head
Kawasaki KMS27A


This product has been discontinued by Kawasaki. We apologize for the inconvenience.


*Due to EPA Standards in California, these models cannot be sold to customers in the state of California. The KRB750B is the only Kawasaki model that can be sold to customers in the state of California. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Brand Kawasaki
Part/Model Number KMS27A
Condition New
Displacement 1.6 cu in (26.3cc)
Engine Type Gasoline/2-stroke (50:1 gas to oil ratio)
Fuel Tank Size 16.9 oz (0.5l)
Drive System Steel drive shaft
Decompression Slit type
Carburetor Rotary valve
Handle Type Variable position loop with barrier bar
Net Weight 8.8 lbs. (4.0 kg)
Length 40.6 in (1,030.0mm)
Width 12.6 in (320.0mm)
Height 8.7 in (220.0mm)
Blade Case Yes
Gear Shaft With ball bearings
Safety Blade Protector Yes
A/F Technology Yes
  • Kawasaki TJ27E engine
  • Powers 9 different multi-task attachments
  • EPA and CARB Tier III approved
  • Barrier bar on handle
  • Lightweight, low noise, low vibration and optimum balance
  • Increased fuel efficiency with A/F (Air/Fuel) Technology™
  • Coupler securely connects the power head to the attachments
  • Equipped with easy start recoil