Stens 623583

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Part Number623583
  • Fits most handheld blowers, backpack blowers and trimmers
  • Package of 5

Fits These Models

STIHL BG45, BG46, BG55, BG56, BG65, BG66, BG72, BG75, BG85, BG86, BR106, BR200, BR350, BR430, BR45, BR500, BR550, BR600, BT106, FC100, FC110, FC55, FC56, FC70, FC85, FC90, FC95, FH75, FR106, FR130, FR135, FR145, FR85, FS100, FS110, FS130, FS310, FS38, FS40, FS45, FS46, FS48, FS50, FS51, FS52, FS55, FS56, FS61, FS62, FS65, FS66, FS70, FS72, FS74, FS75, FS76, FS80, FS81, FS85, FS86, FS87, FS90, FS96, FT100, HL100, HL45, HL75, HL95, HS45, HS75, HS80, HS81, HS85, HS86, HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131, HT56, HT70, HT75, KA85, KM100, KM110, KM130, KM55, KM56, KM85, KM90, KR85, KW85, MM55, SH55, SH56, SH85, SH86, SP80, SP81, SP85, SP90, SR430 and SR450

Replaces These Parts

STIHL 4114 149 1205