Parts Kit for Polaris UTV
Arrowhead SMU9115

Factory Backorder

This product is currently on factory backorder with the manufacturer and is not currently available for shipment. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at to find out when this part may become available again.


Part NumberSMU9115

Fits These Models

POLARIS 1989-1990 Big Boss 250 4x6 with 244cc engines
1990-1993 Trail Boss 350L with 352cc engines
1990-1999 Trail Boss 250 with 244cc engines
1991-1993 Big Boss 250 6X6 with 244cc engines
1993 Big Boss 350 6X6 with 352cc engines
1994 Big Boss 300 6X6 with 283cc engines
1994-1995 400L 2X4 with 378cc engines
1994-1995 400L 4X4 with 378cc engines
1994-1995 Big Boss 300 2X4 with 283cc engines
1994-1995 Big Boss 300 4X4 with 283cc engines
1994-1997 Big Boss 400L 6X6 with 378cc engines
1994-1997 Sportsman 400 with 378cc engines
1994-1999 Sport 400L with 378cc engines
1995-2002 Scrambler 400 4x4 with 378cc engines
1995-2002 XPlorer 400 with 378cc engines
1996-1997 XPress 400 with 378cc engines
1996-1999 XPlorer 300 with 283cc engines
1996-1999 XPress 300 with 283cc engines
1996-2006 Trail Blazer 250 with 244cc engines
1997-2002 Scrambler 400 2x4 with 378cc engines
2000-2002 XPlorer 250 with 244cc engines
2003 Trail Blazer 400 with 378cc engines