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6 Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips You Can Use Now Thumbnail6 Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips You Can Use Now

Fall is a great time of year for essential lawn care to ensure a healthy lawn next cutting season. Take action on these 6 tips now and you’ll be ready for a great start to next spring! …read more.

Recovering from Winter Lawn Damage ThumbnailRecovering from Winter Lawn Damage

What happened to my lawn? It was lush, thick and dark green at the end of the growing season and now it’s covered in brown patches—some with white and yellowish spots, other areas look like the grass has packed its bags and left. Don’t worry …read more.

Is there a right or wrong way to cut my lawn? ThumbnailIs there a right or wrong way to cut my lawn?

Ever spend a summer mowing and caring for your lawn but you just didn’t get the results you were expecting? …read more.

Fall Lawn Fertilizing Tips ThumbnailFall Lawn Fertilizing Tips

Having a lush green lawn in spring starts with proper fertilization long before spring arrives. When preparing your lawn for fall, it’s important to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs for one last push before the cold months set in. This helps your lawn stay “on-the-ready” to bounce back in the spring. With well-timed fertilizing, you can support the types of growth your lawn needs to thrive. …read more.

Leaf Removal Tips: Should I Mulch or Remove? ThumbnailLeaf Removal Tips: Should I Mulch or Remove?

As the summer comes to an end, the growing season for the trees around our lawn also ends. As our trees begin enter dormancy for the rest of the year, their leaves begin to change colors and mark the beginning of fall. Soon after, they build up in our lawns and we’re left with the annual task of leaf removal. …read more.

How Often Should My Lawn Be Edged? ThumbnailHow Often Should My Lawn Be Edged?

Maintaining a well manicured lawn is a task that never ends. While mowing, trimming and fertilizing can help a lawn look healthy and lush, forgetting about edging can quickly lead to an unkempt appearance that detracts from all your hard work. …read more.

Preparing for a New Season: Fall ThumbnailPreparing for a New Season: Fall

Preparing correctly for a new season is absolutely necessary when it comes to your lawn care — mowing properly isn’t enough. There are ways to get the healthy lawn you’ve always wanted …read more.

Guidelines for the Last Mow of the Season ThumbnailGuidelines for the Last Mow of the Season

As winter approaches, it is important to prepare your lawn for the long, cold season.  …read more.

Reasons You Should Use An Hour Meter ThumbnailReasons You Should Use An Hour Meter

Using an hour meter is an easy way to tell when your mower needs maintenance. Over the last 10 years, our Briggs & Stratton Hour Meter has become one of our most popularly sold items. Why? Here’s a few reasons …read more.

When Should I Start Cutting Grass? ThumbnailWhen Should I Start Cutting Grass?

This is a great question. For our customers local to Ohio, this is a question that’s fairly easy to answer — when it finally stops snowing! Because we ship parts all over the United States and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and other places internationally, it’s really tough to specifically give an answer to this question. Here are some good indications for you to get ready to cut your grass …read more.

Tips for Choosing a New Lawn Mower ThumbnailTips for Choosing a New Lawn Mower

So you’re thinking about buying a new lawn mower. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this decision because you have a new house with a bigger yard (or a smaller one), or you’ve decided to take on the landscaping yourself rather than have a landscaping service. It could be that your old mower just died and you’re tired of putting money into it. Many times we find that customers just want something easier to start than their previous mower. Whatever the case, here’s some tips to help you look for the best quality mower for the best price …read more.