Reasons You Should Use An Hour Meter Main Image

Using an hour meter is an easy way to tell when your mower needs maintenance. Over the last 10 years, our Briggs & Stratton Hour Meter has become one of our most popularly sold items. Why? Here's a few reasons:

An hour meter helps you to regularly perform maintenance

A lot of us just really don't know how long we've been using a mower. Some might only use a mower for 4-5 hours a season, while others might use it for ten to fifteen times that amount. How do we know when to change the oil, sharpen the blade or perform other regular maintenance like lubricating and greasing the mower or other equipment? We look at the hour meter! The Briggs & Stratton hour meter flashes every 25 hours, indicating that an oil change and other maintenance (please see your equipment owner's manual for specific details) is recommended.

Know the life of your engine

An hour meter helps you to gauge how long an engine has been running. Most engines are only designed to run a certain number of hours. If you're coming close to that number, you'll want to know. No one wants to be out on the job pushing a hydrostatic-powered piece of equipment around. I've done it before, it's not fun at all

Maintained equipment lasts longer

It's a proven fact that equipment that is maintained correctly lasts longer than equipment that is either lackadaisically or sporadically taken care of. It's your equipment. You paid good money for it. The hour meter will help you know when your equipment needs service. If you don't have time to perform regular service to the machine, take it to your local service center as recommend by your equipment manufacturer

It's just really easy to install!

Okay, so I realize that this may not be a number one reason for buying an hour meter if you don't know why you should use it. Point taken. But it really is easy to install. For the Briggs & Stratton "Maintenance Minder" hour meter, all you have to do is wrap the red wire around the spark plug wire and ground the white wire to the engine. Then you use the reusable pad to attach the hour meter where it's easily readable. Try to keep it out of an area where debris, water, gas or oil can build up.