When Should I Start Cutting Grass? Main Image

This is a great question. For our customers local to Ohio, this is a question that's fairly easy to answer -- when it finally stops snowing! Because we ship parts all over the United States and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and other places internationally, it's really tough to specifically give an answer to this question. Here are some good indications for you to get ready to cut your grass:

Got frost?

Waiting until after the last frost before cutting grass is always recommended. If you're not in an area that gets frost, you don't need to worry about this

Is it green?

Many times, you can tell a lot about the growing conditions of your grass by looking at it. If it's coming back in the spring and it hasn't grown at all, don't start cutting. Wait until the grass looks full and green. We recommend mowing your lawn when it's grown high enough that it can be mowed. For the first few cuts of the season, keep your deck set to a medium-to-high level, but not too high. There's no sense in walking behind a mower or riding around in a mower if there's nothing to cut.

Is it wet?

One of the things you'll want to watch out for is water, especially if you have a riding mower. Many riding mowers do a great job of leaving ruts in your lawn if it's wet. If you feel like it's never going to stop raining in time for you to cut your lawn, it's still okay to cut grass. You may want to use your side discharge chute, if possible, as bagging or mulching in wet conditions can be a troublesome task. We recommend that you wait until the grass has dried some before starting to mow.

Is your mower ready?

In all sincerity, there is no perfect time to start mowing. You're not going to hurt your grass too badly by mowing a week earlier than a book might have told you. Before starting out for the season, make sure that your blades are sharp, your engine has been tuned up and your mower is safe to use with all proper safety shields and chutes in place. If you're missing a part or if you have a broken lawn mower cable, call us with your model number and we'll help you find the right part to fix your issue.

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