Where to Find the Model and Serial Number on a John Deere Push Mower Main Image

If you're looking for the model and serial number of your John Deere push or self-propelled mower, here is a good place to look. The following is a decent list of John Deere push mower identification tag locations that we've gathered.

Please note: We are not an authorized OEM John Deere parts dealer, but we can offer you some aftermarket John Deere parts at a considerable cost savings from the original parts to help you save money.Engine parts: We can provide OEM and aftermarket parts for Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Tecumseh and other engine manufacturers, however, some model numbers are "locked" out by John Deere -- meaning that you have to be a dealer to look up these engines. If you can provide a part number, we can do our best to provide the original engine part or an aftermarket alternative. For more information, please visit our small engine parts page.

Finding the Model and Serial Numbers on a John Deere Self-Propelled or Push Mower with a Briggs & Stratton Engine

John Deere Push Mower Model and Serial Number Location

Standing on left side (it would be on your left if you were standing behind the unit) of the machine, just below the engine muffler, is one of the recommended locations to check for your John Deere identification tag. In this location, the tag might get dirty, so wipe it off with a clean, damp rag.

Locating the Briggs & Stratton Model, Type & Code Numbers

Kawasaki Engine Model and Serial Location on a Scag Pro-V Mower

Here's the same picture with a slight difference -- we've moved the arrow! To find the Briggs & Stratton identification numbers on this engine, you'll want to look on the engine, just above the muffler. There will be a black plate with the numbers etched into it. You'll want to record the model, type, and code information. To look up parts, please use our Briggs and Stratton parts lookup for free!