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Why Not Being Prepared for Winter Driving Could be Fatal ThumbnailWhy Not Being Prepared for Winter Driving Could be Fatal

It can happen to anyone, your drive seems to be going smooth and boom! Your car starts skidding. It can be both frightening and dangerous experience but knowing how to react when dangerous situations arise, what to check before driving, what to keep in your car for emergencies and what to do if you become stranded in your car will help keep you safe and could even save your life. …read more.

Effects of Sodium Chloride as a De-icing Material and Alternative Options ThumbnailEffects of Sodium Chloride as a De-icing Material and Alternative Options

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter weather is ice on steps and walkways. It’s bad enough to think about a family member or loved one slipping and injuring themselves, yet alone the risks of a stranger slipping and falling. Depending on local regulations and the circumstances of the incident, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property. When it comes to ice removal and prevention, there are many de-icing materials available. …read more.

Snow Removal and Winter Safety Tips ThumbnailSnow Removal and Winter Safety Tips

No matter what method you choose, snow removal can take its toll on you and your body. It’s an annual chore for most of us that leaves us working out in the cold. Due to the amount of physical activity involved with snow removal, it’s important to consider the health risks involved before starting. With these snow removal safety tips, it won’t matter if you’re shoveling, using a snowblower or pushing that snow with a plow—you’ll know how to handle each task with safety in mind. …read more.

Chainsaw Safety ThumbnailChainsaw Safety

As the air gets brisk and the leaves begin to change so do our outdoor chores. Now that its tree trimming and grooming season, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of working with a chain saw or pole pruner and to know the safety tips a techniques recommended by the professionals. …read more.

Watch Your Gas! ThumbnailWatch Your Gas!

In a world with increasing amounts of ethanol fuel blends, it’s important to be aware of the gas you’re putting into your small engine. No longer can you pull up to a pump care-free and expect that the fuel you bought will keep your small engine running. …read more.

Tips for Snowblower Safety ThumbnailTips for Snowblower Safety

Whichever snowblower you use this winter, there are some basic steps that will help keep you from becoming a statistic. …read more.

Modern Chain Saw Safety Features ThumbnailModern Chain Saw Safety Features

Using a chain can significantly speed up the process of a heavy work load. It is essential to be extremely cautious and educated in its safety features. …read more.