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Chainsaws: Getting to Know Your Chain ThumbnailChainsaws: Getting to Know Your Chain

As a chainsaw owner or operator, it’s important to know your chainsaw’s chain. With terms flying around like pitch, gauge, round-tooth, square-tooth, chisel, full-complement, half-skip, and full-skip it’s easy to become confused. Let’s start with learning the anatomy of saw chain. …read more.

Regular Chainsaw Maintenance ThumbnailRegular Chainsaw Maintenance

As with any piece of outdoor power equipment, regular chainsaw maintenance will help keep your chainsaw running in mint condition for years to come. In this article you’ll read about a few tips and regular maintenance tasks that will help prolong the life of your chainsaw. …read more.

11 Rules For Caring For Your Chainsaw Chain Thumbnail11 Rules For Caring For Your Chainsaw Chain

Caring for the chain is just as important as caring for the chainsaw. After all, the chain is doing the work! …read more.