11 Rules For Caring For Your Chainsaw Chain Main Image

Caring for the chain is just as important as caring for the chainsaw. After all, the chain is doing the work!

Here's a list of chain care rules to keep your cuts sharper than ever:

  1. Refrain from hitting the ground, rocks, or any other abrasive material while cutting.
  2. Never allow your chain to sag down. Check the chain's tension often!
  3. Don't cut with a dull chain! Forcing it just increases the risk of injury and it will damage the bar and chain.
  4. When installing a new chain, inspect the sprocket. If the sprocket is worn -- replace it!
  5. Be sure to always sharpen chain cutters to correct angles.
  6. With every sharpening, measure the depth gauges. Lower and re-profile as necessary.
  7. Look over the chain often for visible wear or any damage.
  8. Verify that the bar groove has proper link clearance, then examine the bar rails for even wear and clean the bar groove.
  9. Wear protective gloves when handling a saw chain!
  10. Put a protective scabbard on the bar when you're not using the saw.
  11. Always make sure that your chain is lubricated properly! Use quality brands for your bar and chain lubricant.

There you have it! Eleven rules to keep in mind about your chainsaw chain. Now that you've got your chain in proper order -- go out there and make the cut!