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Choosing the Right Salt Spreader ThumbnailChoosing the Right Salt Spreader

To some, owning a salt spreader means cutting a few holes in a large enough can and shaking out the salt. To others, it’s a deeply integrated part of their snow removal services. Many decide which type of spreader to use simply by considering the volume of material it can hold compared to the volume of material they plan to use. Making a decision like this can be a costly mistake. …read more.

Effects of Sodium Chloride as a De-icing Material and Alternative Options ThumbnailEffects of Sodium Chloride as a De-icing Material and Alternative Options

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter weather is ice on steps and walkways. It’s bad enough to think about a family member or loved one slipping and injuring themselves, yet alone the risks of a stranger slipping and falling. Depending on local regulations and the circumstances of the incident, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property. When it comes to ice removal and prevention, there are many de-icing materials available. …read more.

Avoiding Surprise Salt Spreader Breakdowns ThumbnailAvoiding Surprise Salt Spreader Breakdowns

Depending on where you live, the transition from fall to winter can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. Being located in Northeast Ohio, we know the story of surprise weather all too well. With a proper pre-season, ongoing and post-season maintenance cycle, you can ensure that your snow removal equipment is always ready to go. …read more.