How To Clean the Air Vanes of Your Mower Engine Main Image

Cleaning the air vanes and flywheel fan are one of the most overlooked items when performing service -- but we'll show you how to do it! Because the majority of small engines on outdoor power equipment are air-cooled, it's important to make sure that these engines have clean air vanes for the air intake. In this video, we'll ensure that our engine is going to cool properly by removing the recoil starter and then the engine shroud. We'll then clean underneath the shroud and then put everything back together.

Here's a quick recap of the video:

Cleaning The Flywheel & Fan Housing

  • We'll have to remove the recoil assembly to access the air vanes on this mower. To remove the recoil assembly, we'll need to remove the three nuts. Always remember to put your hardware in a safe place, such as on a bench, rag or a tin.
  • Once we've taken the nuts off, we can lift up on the recoil and set it aside. It will still be attached to the mower by the rope, so do not let this fall or break.
  • Pull up on the engine shroud to reveal the flywheel and air vans. You'll want to pick up and remove any dirt or debris (such as grass or leaves) from the top of the fan.
  • It's also a good idea to blow out the air vanes of the cylinder to ensure that there are no foreign objects that could hinder air flow. We recommend obtaining a compressed air "gun" like ours. You'll want to take special care to get air into those pockets and make sure they're clean.
  • Remember: The cleaner your engine is, the cooler it will run. Keeping it cool will extend the life of your engine.
  • Put the shroud assembly back on top of the engine and push firmly so that it does not wobble. Then, place the recoil assembly back over the shroud exactly the same way that it was removed. Take your hardware and hand tighten the nuts over the bolts. Use your ratchet to tighten them until they are snug -- do not over-tighten!