Troubleshooting a Surging Engine Main Image

If your engine is surging or running unevenly, chances are that something is wrong. Some engines will seem to surge when there's no load because when the drive, auger (if a snow blower) or blade (if a mower) are disengaged, the governor will keep it from reaching full throttle. If the engine still surges while there's a load on it (or it dies out completely), here are some quick tips to troubleshooting an engine surge:

  • Carefully inspect your fuel line as your fuel line may be clogged, dry-rotted or broken
  • Drain your carburetor and fuel tank as you may have water in the fuel
  • If the machine is equipped with a fuel pump, check to make sure it is working properly.
  • Inspect your governor as it may be set improperly or sticking in place.
  • Clean, rebuild or adjust your carburetor. Always start with an adjustment and then move on to larger projects such as cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor.