Tis the Snowblower Season Main Image

The backpacks are filled as school is getting back in session and summer is quickly coming to an end. The leaves will soon be changing into the glorious fall hues of red, orange and yellow. Then before we know it, the magic of winter is upon us. With the beauty and delight of winter, we all know what comes in abundance around here and that is SNOW! The amount of snow can sometimes be stressful from the constant need for snow removal on our properties. The key to handling this stress and lowering your workload is through the operation of a snowblower.

The question that many people often wonder is: when is the best time to purchase a snowblower? Believe it or not, the best time to buy one is during the months of August and September. This is true for a variety of reasons with the main one being life’s simple principle of supply and demand.

At RCPW, during August and September, we not only stock the most variety of snowblowers, but also, we have the highest quantity of snowblowers. Therefore the snowblower supply is high and the demand is low, allowing the price to be at its best for our customers. Another reason why prices are lower at this time is that many incentives and rebates are offered to dealers in order to try and sell snowblowers early. This in turn allows us to sell the snowblowers at a lower price.

Many people make the mistake and wait until the snow actually begins and are forced to face the reality of the pile of snow in their driveway. The downfall to this approach is that when one waits until the arrival of winter, there is a lower supply and a greater demand for snowblowers therefore the price is then at its highest. Plan on setting your budget up for success by making your purchase during the optimal pricing season . . . and that season is now.

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