Is your snow plow not angling right? Not getting the lift you expect from your pump? When your plow begins to not respond to your controller you may have a bad solenoid. Get the highest quality Blizzard replacement snow plow solenoids you can find from RCPW. We work hard to source only the best Blizzard snow plow replacement parts we can find.

Browse our full selection of Blizzard snow plow solenoids below and find yours today! Not sure which solenoid you need to get your plow back in action? Don't worry our skilled sales staff has the know-how to help you find the solenoid you need fast!

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Did my solenoid fail?

The first thing to check would be the fluid, sometimes old or aftermarket fluids can freeze inside your valves and this causes them to stop working. Another common issue is a bad connection or break in the shielding of your controller wire harness. If you've checked these and your plow isn't responding to your controller as it should your coil may have failed.

To test if your coil is functioning normally, activate the coil by using the controller to lift or angle the plow in the direction that is not working correctly and test your coils for magnetism using a screw driver or other ferromagnetic metal object (metal that is magnetic). Touch the screw driver or other object to the metal bolt or nut on top of your solenoid and you should feel a slight magnetic pull. It's not very strong but should be noticeable. If you do not feel this magnetism and your wire harness is completely intact, it is likely that your solenoid has failed.