80 lb. "Sure-Flow" Salt Spreader Vibrator (No Wiring)
Karrier Z-80



Are you sick of salt hanging out in your spreader instead of going where it's supposed to? Problem solved! The Karrier Sure-Flow Z-80 Vibrator is specifically designed for spreaders that didn't come with a vibrator originally.

The standard "Sure-Flow" vibrator is specifically designed to move bulk salt and salt/sand mix in every brand of tailgate spreader on the market. It's backed by the longest warranty in the industry at 30 months. Get yours today and make your spreader experience the Karrier difference!

This is the only vibrator that is safe to use on most plastic tailgate spreaders. Unless you want to buy a replacement hopper, please do not use more than one of these or upgrade to a larger vibrator.

Please note that this is just the vibrator and no wiring harness or installation hardware is included. If you're installing a vibrator for the first time on your spreader, we recommend ordering part # 204012-00 which includes the Z-80 vibrator and the installation kit. Please contact us with any questions.

Disclaimer: Vibration is a destructive force and may cause damage to some types of equipment. While every precaution has been taken and years of field experience tells us this vibrator is safe to use on most plastic tailgate spreaders, to avoid damage, do not use this or any other vibration device on your equipment. The application guide and replacement part information is provided below as a general guide for replacement, it is up to you to properly install the vibrator for best performance.

Brand Karrier
Part Number Z-80
Condition New
Weight5.4 lbs.
  • High gloss powder coated finish
  • Water/chemical resistant enclosure
  • Internally vented motor
  • High temperature motor insulation
  • Industry standard electric connector
  • Industry standard mounting pattern
  • Designed, built and tested in the United States!
  • 30 month warranty