Buyers 12-Volt Liquid Spray System with Cab Control and 30 Gallon Poly Reservoir (fits SCH)
Buyers LS6



Brand Buyers
Part Number LS6
Condition New
Weight116 lbs.
  • Liquid Spray System applies chemical agents (salt brine, calcium or magnesium chloride, glysol, etc.) to salt, sand, and other materials as it is being disperesed onto a road surface.
  • Provides more efficient salt distribution
  • Speeds the melting process
  • Works at lower temperatures than salt
  • Residual material on the pavement lasts longer
  • Reduces the number of applications required
  • Helps granular material adhere to pavement better
  • 12-volt, 3 GPM/45 PSI electric diaphram pump
  • Low pressure - empty tank light/buzzer indicator
  • In-cab variable speed pump control
  • Includes complete systems tank, pump, cab, controller, hoses, fittings, ball valve, filter, wiring, connectors, brackets, and tie-downs
  • Fits SHPE1500 Series and SHPE2000 Series
  • Enclosed system for corrosion resistance
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Fits These Models

BUYERS SHPE1500 & SHPE2000 Series