When the clutch on your Meyer salt spreader needs replacing, check out RCPW for a high quality replacement. We stock clutches built in the USA so you know you'll be getting the best quality repair parts around.

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MEYER 61167

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When you're replacing your Meyer clutch, lubricate the inside and outside of the shaft with anti-seize to make the removal process for the next time much easier.

Diagnosing Issues

Many clutches don't need to be replaced because they fail, but because the bearings fail. Many bearings are not replaceable so you would have to replace the entire unit. Before replacing it, check to make sure that your spinner isn't seized by trying to turn it while the clutch is engaged, then disengaged.

Meyer Clutch Removal

You'll find that removing the old clutch will be rather difficult. Most find that it's frozen solid onto the shaft of your salt spreader. This happens because of the extreme weather conditions that your equipment is exposed to and the salt that is kicked into the air. The exposure to varying temperatures and salt can make the replacement process very tricky.

There are several options to remove your old clutch. You can spray an aerosol product like PB Blaster and wait for it to do its work. Some have also had good luck with heating up the shaft with a torch. You can also try using a wheel or pulley puller (a special tool typically sold at auto parts stores).. Be careful not to damage the shaft!