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STIHL 09, 010, 011, 012, 017, 018, 019 T, 020, 023,024, 025, 026, 028, 029, 032 and 039 chain saws; BR320, BR340, BR380, BR400, BR420 and BR45 C blowers; BT120 C, BT 121, BT121-Z and BT45 augers; FC100, FC110, FC55 and FC55-DZ edgers; FR220, FR350, FR450, FS100, FS110, FS120, FS130, FS160, FS180, FS200, FS220, FS250, FS280, FS300, FS350, FS360, FS38, FS400, FS420, GS45, FS450, FS46, FS480, FS500, and FS55 trimmers; HL100, HL45 and HS45 hedge trimmers; HT100 pruner; KM100, KM110, and KM55; MM55; MS170, MS180, MS190, MS191, MS192, MS200, MS210, MS230, MS240, MS250, MS260, MS 290 and MS310 chain saws; SH55, SH85, SP200, SP400 and SP450; SR320, SR340 and SR420; TS400 cut-off saw


STIHL 1118 195 3500

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