Clutch Pump - 9.39 GPM @ 1000 RPM - Rear Ports
Buyers CP217RP

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Brand Buyers
Part Number CP217RP
Condition New
  • Buyers clutch pump units provide a compact and efficient, easily installed source of hydraulic power for popular tracks or most off-road vehicles. These pumps are engine mounted, belt driven units with a specially designed mounting bracket. Controlled by a simple on/off switch in the cab, the clutch pump operates only when needed, even when the vehicle is moving
  • Amp draw - 3.8 amps at rated voltage
  • Minimum voltage required to engage clutch - 11 volts
  • Maximum allowable applied voltage - 13 volts
  • Two V-belt grooves or serpentine belts
Clutch specifications:
  • Electrical clutch - ON to engage; OFF to disengage
  • Rated 90ft. Lb. nominal, 120 ft. lb. after burnishing
  • All electrical materials are rated at Class A (105 degrees C)
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
Typical Applications:
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Salt and de-icer spreaders
  • Grain augers and conveyors
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Portable limber machinery
  • Auxiliary circuits for frame and construction equipment
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Dump truck kits
  • Whenever live hydraulics are required on a vehicle
Clutch Pump Features:
  • Engine mounted, belt driven clutch
  • Adaptable to virtually any pickup truck, van, tractor, dump truck or vehicle with a 15 HP and up engine
  • PTO or PTO cables not required
  • 12 volt unit
Pump Specifications:
  • High Performance, pressure loaded design
  • Alloy steel shafts and gears
  • Double-lip shaft seal
  • Shaft rotation - clockwise (right hand when viewed form shaft end)
  • Maximum continuous operating vacuum - 8" Hg
  • System relief valve should be set at 1800 to 2000 PSI
  • 10 micron return line filter required
  • 3000 RPM max
Port Sizes:
  • Suction: 15/16 - 12
  • Pressure: 11/16 - 12