Ariens has a long history of manufacturing lawn mowers and snow blowers for both the commercial and high-end consumer markets. They're known as being the "mower of the White House lawn", "official snow blower of Lambeau Field" and the "King of Snow". After continual urging from an Ariens distributor in Northeast America, Ariens entered the snow thrower market to develop a two-stage snow thrower for residential snow removal. Product design began in 1959 and the following year they entered production.

With their first model receiving great praise from Ariens distributors in the Snowbelt regions of Northeast America they dove into manufacturing their snowblowers. The original machines were built with Tecumseh engines and a small percentage used Briggs & Stratton engines. When Tecumseh engines went out of business in 2008 Briggs & Stratton became the main supplier of engines used on Ariens snow throwers. A few years after, LCT purchased the rights to Tecumseh's name and began to build engines for Ariens. Today the base models of Ariens snowblowers are manufactured with LCT engines and the more advanced units are equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines. Many of the original units from the 1960's and 70's are still equipped with their original Tecumseh engine, they still run and still throw snow!

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