About Us

Who are we?


We are one of the largest, family-owned power equipment and snow/ice removal product distributors in the United States. Do your research, a lot of our competitors are now corporately-owned. What does this mean? It means their profits go to feed a corporate entity, but our company profits go directly to feed our families and build our business.

We're real people, with personal hobbies and interests, like bees, 4-wheeling, bicycles, motorcycles, computers, woodworking, airsoft guns, sleeping, and other important things. Some of our employees ride bikes to work during the summer. The owner keeps bee hives behind the building.

We find humor in as many things as we can and we try to  have fun at the same time. You might smile when you read our order confirmation - that's on purpose!

We Know the Industry

We have been in the outdoor power equipment & snow/ice removal industry since 1980. Our employees know the industry because we're out using the same equipment that we sell. We're not a box store - we're not here to sell you something and then walk away and send you somewhere else when you have a question. We offer you customer service to help you after the sale, so whether you're buying a backpack blower and need help adjusting the straps or you bought a belt and need help routing it during your install, we're here to help.

We're Not New. And we stock...a lot.

...and if we don't have something in stock in our local inventory, we'll go out and find it for you as quickly as possible.

We've been in business since 1980, and have sold online since you could buy a web domain in 1996. We pride ourselves in what we do. We have millions of dollars in inventory and hundreds of thousands of available parts. We work hard to provide you the best experience from order to fulfillment.

Our story

How can a company that was incorporated in 1990 have started in 1980? Okay here goes...

Back in 1980, Vic Sohar left Ford Motor Company to start his own business -- a small lawn mower repair shop in Macedonia, Ohio. He named the business Sohars All Season Mower" and rented a storefront on the corner of East Aurora Road (SR 82) and Freeway Drive. Although it was a struggle to make it, through the help of his wife and parents, Vic was able to persevere through hardships and solidify the business. In 1989, Vic moved from the east side of I-271 to a new location at the corner of SR 82 and Summer Road (on the west side of I-271).

During this time of growth, Sohars expanded from a local lawn mower repair shop to a full outdoor power equipment brick-and-mortar store with lots of brands, products and parts. Sohars began selling go-karts and go-kart parts.

It was aroudn this time that the business also began to expand into other areas as well, adding a catalog mail-order business which sold go-karts and go-kart parts in 1990, aftermarket parts, and snow plow parts, from which Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse was born. When you could buy a web domain in 1996, Vic registered rcpw.com and sohars.com for the business and started selling online.

In 2002, with no more room to expand in our current location, Sohars moved from SR 82 to East Highland Road. Since then, the business has expanded internally from a small service department and showroom to a large service department and an expanded showroom with hundreds of thousands of products available across many different industries.

What makes us different

There's a lot of companies who do what we do and sell online like we do.

So what makes us different?

  • We're a hybrid brick-and-mortar / online sales business. You'll get the same great service whether you walk in our front door, call us on the phone, or order on our website.
  • We are non-commission! Why? We want you to buy the best product to suit your needs, so next time you have a need, you'll come back and ask us for advice.
  • We don't just sell parts! More than 30% of our orders are for NEW equipment. We sell new power equipment from brands like ECHO, EGO, RedMax, and Shindaiwa.
  • We stock a lot of the stuff that other dealers won't. Specialty items that some dealers only sell once or twice a year? We sell hundreds, and we buy them in bulk so we can pass along the discount to you.
  • We sell a very wide variety of items from lots of brands so can get everything from one source. You won't need to order one thing from one company, and another from someone else. Then when you have an issue...you won't have to figure out who you ordered it from.
  • We do our best to provide aftermarket and other direct replacement products to save you money. We provide as many options from our in-house sources and from other brands like Buyers Products, Stens, Rotary, Oregon and more so you can get high-quality products at a lower cost.