Maintenance Meter - Hour Meter
RCPW 26-900


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This hour meter does not work with CDI ignitions.

Part Number26-900

    • DO NOT try to install the maintenance meter on a running engine. Before installation, engine and fuel supply must be shut off. Please begin installation when engine is cold. DO NOT install after the engine has already been running as some engine parts may be hot, causing burns or other injury. We are not responsible for injury related to incorrect installation.

    • With engine off and fuel supply shut off, make sure that the engine is not harmful to the touch. Carefully remove the spark plug wire from the end of the spark plug
    • Locate the existing wiring harness near/on the engine. Route the hour meter wire with the existing wires and secure. Keep all wires away from hot or moving engine parts
    • Wrap the signal wire securely around an insulated section of the spark plug wire (approximately 3-4 times) with the tie-wrap. DO NOT wrap the signal wire around any portion of the spark plug wire that is exposed or un-insulated.
    • Install the maintenance meter in a location where it is easily accessible (for viewing) and where it can be protected from water, debris, grease and oil.

    • The 5-digit display always begins at 0.0. It will show the run time of the engine from the time of installation.
    • The meter records the run time of the engine in 1/10 hr. If the engine has 6 minutes (1/10 hr.) of run time, the display will increment 0.1.
    • The 5-digit display will flash at 25 hour intervals from the point of reset. For example, if maintenance is performed at 26 hours, the user would push the reset button at 26 hours. The display will flash again at 51 hours.
    • Pressing the RESET button will stop the flashing immediately
    • If the 5-digit display reaches 4999.9, it will automatically reset to 0.0 for the next 1/10 hr. increment.