Inner Air Filter
Stens 102-608

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Part Number102-608
Height 13-3/4"
  • Uses Stens 102604 Air Filter

Fits These Models

CASE TR270, TR320, TV380, 440, 445, 580 Super M, 590 Super N, 580N, 590 Super N, SR200, SR220, SR250, SV250, SV300, 550H, 570LXT Series II, 570M, 650G, 650H, 650K, 750H, 750K, C100, C80, C90, CX100, CX80, CX90, JX100U, JX1070U, JX1085C, JX1095C, JX90U, JX95, MX100C, MX80C, MX90C
GEHL AL730 Loader, DL-10L, DL-10H, DL-12H Dynalift, DL-6H Dynalift, DL8H Dynalift, 4635SX, DX, 4640, 4640 Turbo, 4840, 5640, 5640 Turbo, 6640 Turbo, CTL70, CTL80, SL-4635, SX & DX, SL-4835, DX & SX, SL-4835SXT, SL-5635, SX, DX, DXT, SL-5635SXT, SL-6635, SX & DX, SL-6635SXT
JOHN DEERE 450H, 450H-LGP, 450H-LT, 450J-LGP and 450J-LT Dozers, 485E, 486E and 488E Forklifts, 210E, 210LE, 260, 280, 310E, 310G, 310J, 310SE, 310SG, 310SJ, 310TMC, 315SE, 315SG, 325, 328 and 332 Loaders, 5083E, 5093E, 5101E, 5103, 5203, 5210, 5220, 5220H, 5225, 5303, 5310, 5310N, 5320, 5320N, 5325, 5325N, 5403, 5410, 5420, 5420N, 5425, 5425N, 5510, 5510N, 5520, 5520N, 5525, 5525N, 5603, 5625 and 6403 Tractors
NEW HOLLAND D75, D85, D85B Tier III and D95B Tier III Dozers, E115SR, E130, E135SR and E135SRLC Excavators, 775, B110, B115, B95, B95LR, B95TC, L180, L218, L220, L865, L885, LB110.B, LB115.B, LB75.B, LS180, LS190, LV80, LX865, LX885, LX985 and U80 Loaders, LM1440, LM5040, LM5060, LM5080, M427, M428 and M459 Telehandlers, 3010S, 5610S, 6610S, 6635, 6810S, 7530, 7610S, 7635, 7810S, 8010, F100, F110, F115, F120, F130, F140, TB100, TB110, TB120, TD5030, TD5050, TD70D, TD90D, TD95D, TL100, TL100A, TL80A, TL90, TL90A, TN85A, TN85DA, TN95DA, TT55, TT65 and TT75 Tractors

Replaces These Parts

CASE 222422A1
GEHL L99967
LULL P33181
NEW HOLLAND 86982525

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Stens 102-604