Macedonia, OH - Buyers Products has announced the latest update to their salt spreader lineup with the fall 2016 release of the SHPE2500 polymer salt spreader series. This series includes the SHPE2500 ( and SHPE2500CH ( variations.

Spreader Features

Both models in the SHPE2500 series feature a large 2.5 cubic yard, patent-pending, double-walled polymer hopper to safely carry and spread bulk salt. A powerful 1/2HP electric motor independently powers the 14" polymer spinner. Easily adjust the stainless steel spinner shield to control the material spreading width. Maintain full control of how fast salt flows out of the spreader with its easy-to-remove, adjustable 3-position chute. The updated simple, one-piece top screen design helps for easy removal. A premium 120A in-cab controller will keep you in the truck and out of the elements.


The standard variation of the SHPE2500 will feature a 5.25" full-length, variable-pitch auger and a stainless-steel trough that runs the length of the spreader.


The SHPE2500CH model will feature a drag chain.  This finally provides an affordable and reliable electric polymer salt spreader that is suitable for full-size pickup trucks without the weight of a steel/stainless steel hopper and the maintenance of a gas-powered engine.

Pricing and Availability

The SHPE2500 and SHPE2500CH are scheduled to launch in fall of 2016. We are now accepting pre-orders for this spreader for the low price of $4,545.44.

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