Where to Find the Model and Serial Number on a Scag Three-Wheeled Rider Main Image

So you have a Scag three-wheeled rider and you can't find that model and serial...we can help you with that. Here are a couple of common locations that you can find this information.

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Locating the Model and Serial Numbers on a Scag Three-Wheeled "STHM" Riding Mower

Scag 3-Wheel Rider Model and Serial Number Location

The model and serial number sticker can be commonly found either on the control column OR to the left of the column. The picture gives you an idea of some good places to look. As you can see, the sticker has fallen off of our machine, but the mark from the old sticker is still visible.

Locating the Kohler Engine Model and Serial Numbers on a Scag 3-Wheel Rider

Kohler Engine Model and Serial Location on a Scag 3-Wheel Rider

This Scag 3-Wheel has a Kohler engine on it. As you can see by the picture, the model and serial information can be found on the engine to the right of the control panel.

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