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How would you feel about getting into a car when you were unsure how much gas was in the tank? Would you drive around with complete confidence or would you constantly be worrying about when you would run out of gas in a most inconvenient way? Or how would you feel about taking a long trip in your vehicle without having a map or GPS to set you on the correct path for your destination. Individuals take the time to plan and map out trips, as well as, they take the time to regularly put gas and oil into their vehicles based on the knowledge gained through the instruments within those vehicles. It is equally important to take the same approach with your lawn mowers.

Preventative maintenance is a proactive way to ensure that your lawn equipment runs at peak capacity for years. It is essential to set up regular preventative steps in order to lead to the trouble-free operation of your mower. Knowing when to service and maintain your lawn equipment is an essential key in this process. Preventative maintenance can be as simple as looking over your lawn mower before and after usage, making sure that gas and oil levels are at appropriate levels, as well as, using simple instruments that give key information regarding usage.

RCPW is happy to introduce an affordable instrument to set you on that road to success. We are now manufacturing and selling the RCPW Hour Meter which keeps track of how long the lawn mower engine has been running. This maintenance tool is essential so owners can see how many hours their equipment has run in order to see when service is needed. With the utilization of the RCPW Hour Meter many benefits can follow including: your lawn mower will be in top working condition, extended life of your mower, and maximization of your investment throughout the life of your mower.

When one takes the time to look at the map and to set up the road marks leading to their destination, success is accomplished. Set yourself up for ultimate success today with this RCPW Hour Meter!

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