What Types of Snow Skids to Use: Roller Skid, Steel or Poly? Main Image

Using a properly installed and adjusted skid shoe on your snow blower will ensure it stays in pristine working condition, preventing damage from dragging it over the ground surface. Skids are necessary in order to keep the auger from digging into the ground surface and to keep the back of the auger from scraping and being damaged. They work by leaving a short layer of snow between your machine and the ground surface, whether it is concrete, blacktop, gravel, or dirt. Some two-stage snow blowers contain solid steel augers that can chip your driveway and sidewalk surfaces as well, so using skid shoes on this type of snow blower is a must.

When deciding which type of skids to use, consider the type of surface upon which you will be sliding the snow blower. There are three main types of skid shoes to consider: roller skids, steel skids, and poly skids.

Image of Snow Blower Roller SkidThe Snowblower Roller-Skid is useful for providing good ground clearance on flat surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. If you have a heavy two-stage snow blower, Roller-Skids may make for easier transportation than the metal or poly models as they give the ability to “roll” on pavement and “skid” on snow. Due to their unique design, the skid will not leave rust marks or scratch surfaces like a metal skid. The Roller-Skid is not designed for gravel or uneven surfaces.

Metal skids, which are usually made of steel, are a good option for all types of driveways, including cement, asphalt, gravel or any other surface. Metal skids can be adjusted for the appropriate surface, lower for flat surfaces such as cement or asphalt, and higher for gravel surfaces. These skids are much more durable than a plastic or poly skid, so they can be used on uneven surfaces. Though affordable, there is a chance of scraping or staining the ground surface with paint or rust.

Skids made from polyurethane are ideal for cement or blacktop driveways, and they are durable and lightweight. Unlike some steel skids, there is no danger of them scraping the ground surface and leaving marks from paint or rust. Poly skids can be used on even or uneven surfaces. On average, poly skids last 2-3 seasons and are slightly more expensive than metal. Many of these poly skids are reversible, unlike the metal versions, which allows for extended use.

Remember to to check your owner’s manual for size suggestions before purchasing skid shoes. You can purchase all three types of skids on our website by using our parts look-up or browsing our online catalog.