Why to Buy a Snowblower from a Servicing Dealer and NOT a Box Store? Main Image

When making the decision on buying a snowblower, it is inevitable that the "Where should I buy from" question emerges. There are many reasons why it is advantageous to buy from a serving dealing over a box store, including issues on pricing, service, warranties, delivery and setup, and replacement parts.

At the end of the day, most look at the price first. Prices are often similar in both places, but most serving dealers have higher end equipment to offer which are not made available to box stores. For example, a decent Toro or Honda mower with a 2-3 year warranty should be available at box stores, but at Sohar’s/RCPW, we offer higher-end machines with 5 year warranties, as well as higher-quality machines. These options are not available at box stores.

Box stores may prep the units, but not by trained or certified technicians. Small things like adding oil or making proper adjustments are often neglected. Machines are often delivered in a box, leaving the entire assembly up to the customer. On the other hand, trained technicians at servicing dealers test and setup the units for the customer. Time is taken to show customers how to start and operate machines and to answer all questions. Assistance is given to load machines into customer vehicles too.

Once a sale is made at a box store, minimal service is then offered. Servicing dealers, however, are constantly being updated and trained through bulletins, online training, and shop manuals and a full service department provides service to all lines sold. Our employees are trained and specialized in outdoor power equipment and therefore are able to answer questions promptly. We offer pickup and delivery of items and speedier service when the snowblower was bought from us.

Finding parts for your snowblower, especially if your machine is more than a few years old, can be easy through Sohar’s/RCPW because we stock most service parts whether old or new. A box store typically offers minimal parts such as air filters, a limited variety of blades, and parts for newer models.

When purchasing from a box store, the responsibility of warranty is on you. When problems arise, a copy of the store receipt must be brought in and exact model/serial numbers. If that information doesn’t match, the warranty may come back as invalid. When machines are purchased through us, we do that work for you by keeping record of all warranty information.

At the end of the day, the price of the machine and the time spent inside the store may be similar, but with Sohar’s/RCPW you will receive greater customer service before and after the sale. You are getting a piece of equipment that has been tested and setup according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Overall, you will save time and headaches with a dealer. The choice should be an easy one.

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