Buyers SaltDogg 3 Cubic Yard Electric Poly Salt Spreader with 6" Carbon Steel Auger Feed Mechanism for Heavy-Duty Municipal & Commercial Applications
Buyers SHPE3000

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Designed for vehicles with a minimum GVW of 13,000 lbs., the Buyers SHPE3000 is an excellent spreader for medium or heavy duty commercial use. The patent pending black polyethylene hopper used on this spreader has a capacity of 3 cubic yards and provides a slick surface that salt won't stick to. The SHPE series by Buyers features an electrically driven stainless steel auger to reliably feed material from your hopper and breakup any material clumps. This model is fitted with a 400 force lbs. vibrator to help the auger deliver a reliable and smooth flow. Remain in the comfort of your vehicle and control this spreader with the Buyers 3016934 salt spreader controller. Fitted with a heavy duty poly-vinyl tarp the SHPE3000 helps prevent moisture from turning the salt in your hopper into a large salt block. Mount this spreader easily to your vehicle with its 4-point tie down system. This model is similar to: Western Tornado, Fisher Polycaster, SnowEx SP9300H.

Brand Buyers
Part Number SHPE3000
Condition New
Capacity3.0 cu. yds.
Control In-cab console (3016934)
CoverInterlocking double doors
Feed Mechanism6" carbon steel auger, stainless steel trough
FrameStainless steel
HopperDouble wall polymer
Hopper Length114"
Hopper Width 48"
Ideal UseMedium & heavy-duty commercial
Inverted VStainless steel
Mounting4-point tie down system
Overall Height 52.7"
Overall Length123.7"
Overall Width 49.6"
Power Source(2) 12V DC direct drive
Spinner14" poly
Spread Width 5 ft. - 30 ft.
Spreading MaterialBulk salt; 50/50 salt/sand mix
Spreading MaterialBulk salt; 50/50 salt/sand mix
Top Screen(2) 1/4" black powder coated steel
Vehicle ApplicationsMin. 13,000 lbs. GVW (Truck Application is only a reference. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the truck & calculated payload must be evaluated for each application.)
VibratorStandard (400 force lbs.)
Weight945 lbs.
  • Capacity: 3 cu. yds. (8' 6").
  • Double-wall poly-molded hopper
  • Material spread up to 30'
  • Two 12-Volt direct drive motors (.75 HP for auger; .5 HP for spinner)
  • 6" dia. carbon steel auger and stainless steel trough
  • Steel top screen
  • 12 VDC vibrator rated at 400 force pounds
  • Spinner assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and storage
  • Double doors: Interlocking gutter system and double-door lid channels water away
  • Includes top screen, stainless steel inverted V, spreader tie-down kit, hinged poly lids, 12-Volt LED brake light, 12-Volt 400 lb. vibrator.
  • Not recommended for highway use