Hydraulic Motor - 2 Bolt - 22.6 CIPR
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Char-Lynn H Series motors are economical, efficient, small, compact, and powerful, designed for medium duty applications. These motors have the industry proven spool valve design combined with state-of-the-art gerotors. In addition, a wide variety of mounting flanges with a 1" diameter straight shaft, woodruff keyway, and 1/2" NPT port privdes design flexibility. Direction of shaft rotation and shaft speed can be controlled easily and smoothly throughout the speed range of the motor, and equipment can be driven direct eliminating costly mechanical components.

A simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed NOT recommended.

Continuous Rating - Motor may be run continuously at these ratings.

Intermittent Operation - 10% of every minute.

Recommended Fluids - Premium quality, anti-wear type hydraulic oil. Minimum oil viscosity (at operating temperature) should be the highest of the following: 100 SUS or (300 + Bar)/RPM = SUS [(20 + PSI )/RPM = SUS]

Recommended Filtration - per ISO Cleanliness Code, level 18/13.

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Part Number HM082P
Condition New
Displacement cm3/r [in3/r]370 [22.6]
Max speed (RPM) @ continuous flow152
FLOW LPM [GPM] (continuous)57 [15]
FLOW LPM [GPM] (intermittent)76 [20]
Torque LPM [lb-in] (continuous)407 [3604]
Torque LPM [lb-in] (intermittent)484 [4283]
Minimum starting torque Nm [lb-in] @ continuous pressure330 [2920]
Minimum starting torque Nm [lb-in] @ intermittent pressure408 [3610]
Pressure (True pressure difference between inlet port and outlet port) continuous*86 [1250]
Pressure (True pressure difference between inlet port and outlet port) intermittent*103 [1500]
Weight14.87 lbs.
  • *Maximum intermittent pressure at motor inlet port of 172 Bar [2500 PSI] without regard to A Bar [A PSI] and/or back pressure ratings or combination thereof.
  • Maximum case pressure, without case drain is 103 Bar [1500 PSI]
  • 6B splined or tapered shafts are recommended whenever operating above 282 Nm [2500 lb-in] of torque, especially for those applications subject to frequent reversals.
  • Recommended maximum system operating temperature is 82° C [180° F]
  • To assure best motor life, run motor for approximately one hour at 30% of rated pressure before application to full load. Be sure motor is filled with fluid prior to any load applications.